ATMAVIKASA Classical Hatha Yoga Intensive for Enhanced Health, confidence & clarity of mind

Classical Hatha Yoga
Intensive for Enhanced Health, confidence & clarity of mind

with Yogacharya Venkatesha & Acharye Hema
from Mysore, India

Yogacharya Venkatesha and Acharye Hema are back once again with another unique event aiming to improve the quality of practice and life This workshop aims to

• Understand your mind & body
• Overcome the deep rooted fears or addictions
• Strengthen the immune system and recover froam the damages of stress, traffic, bad food, active/passive smoking, alcohol, pollution etc.
• Enhance life span & energy
• Improve your posture & spine
• Look & feel younger
• Feel calm inside

This workshop features traditional and ancient Yogic techniques taught by the ancient Yogis of India.


Atmavikasa is NOT a modern style of Yoga. It is concentrated, refined, traditional, ancient and yet very specific and scientific. This will be a very different experience from most of the styles of contemporary Yoga.

Come and practice Yoga as it was originally taught thousands of years ago pure, unaltered and concentrated.

This will be a fantastic experience for all levels of practitioners.


“From the start of the six sessions, through to the closing pranayama, it felt as if time stood still. Acharya Venkatesh skilfully, and safely, introduced us to just how much is going on in any one asana and connected us with our breath. We learned the incredible benefits that can be had by warming up appropriately (which is easy to overlook) and began to feel the hidden depths that are available to us in each of the fundamental asanas visited, when we surrender to their centuries of intelligence.The icing on the cake for me, was one single postural correction that Hema spotted, and communicated to me. In subsequent weeks of practice, by changing one single movement, many asanas that I practice regularly have a new clarity. That takes real skill, and that’s where the years of teaching, and the hundreds of bodies that they have both seen, supersede any book, YouTube video or inspiring selfie.”
– Steve Hyland

“My exposure to yoga has been through Western teachers, so the experience of a class lead by Hema and Venkatesh was a gratifying opportunity to appreciate an authentic Indian practice. Venkatesh taught us a disciplined process for opening up the body which yielded more range in my postures. It was very exciting to find my body reaching positions that I didn’t think possible. The class was both exhilarating and a spiritual connection to Yoga with Hema weaving her beautiful chants throughout the practice”
– Ann Baines







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Fri 1 Sep 2017
• Session 1
08:30 – 10:30 am
• Session 2 03:00 – 05:00 pm

Sat 2 Sep 2017
• Session 3 08:30 – 10:30 am
• Session 4 03:00 – 05:00 pm

Sun 3 Sep 2017
• Session 5 08:30 – 10:30 am
• Session 6 03:00 – 05:00 pm

The morning sessions
are dedicated to the practice of various Classical Hatha Yoga asanas and chanting.

The afternoon sessions
focus Atmavikasa signature flexibility enhancement and back bending techniques along with pranayama fundamentals


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