Healing Your Vital Psoas Muscle with Yoga

Healing Your Vital Psoas Muscle with Adrian Cox

A workshop on yoga and the deep core of your body

Sat 25 Feb
1:00 pm – 4:00 pm

The psoas muscle is the major CORE support structure in your body.

MANY people have a big problem with this muscle. If your psoas is tight, it can cause serious postural problems. A tight psoas is a common cause of low back pain and stiffness, can contribute to arthritis in the lumbar facet joints, shorten your breath and even a belly that sticks out more than you would like.

Develop awareness and get relief!

Learn how to:
• Improve the strength of your spine
• Relieve lower back pain
• Get better alignment
• Improve appearance
• Open your backbends
• Bring ease into your breath

You will develop the inside knowledge of the super important anatomy and practice a sensory-enhancing yoga sequence to change things for the better.

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