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Therapist Programs


Juan S
Osteopathy is an internationally recognized manual medicine that focuses on total body health. Its main emphasis lays on the structural and functional integrity of the musculoskeletal system. It positively affects all the systems of the body. It uses a variety of hands-on physical treatments that are usually employed along with exercise, occupational and dietary advice in order to help the person recover from injury and pain. Osteopathy is also widely used for wellness.

Chiromassage is a style of massage therapy specifically used to relieve painful conditions that affect the soft tissues of the body. It involves specific techniques to improve muscle and joint function. The goal of Chiromassage is to help the body to have an adequate balance while being an overall rewarding experience.

Juan is certified in Osteopathy, Chiromassage and Sports Massage. He has over 10 years of experience as a manual therapist, which he combines with his experience as a certified Personal Trainer and Therapeutic Exercise Specialist. He has a gentle and caring approach.


IMG_7493 S
Thana Jindachotinun (Pang)
Qigong Therapy
Qigong has a health and medical focus and have been refined for well over 5000 years in Chinese history. Qigong therapy consists of a series of orchestrated practices and treatment, including body posture/movement, breathe practice, and meditation, all designed to enhance Qi function (that is,
drawing upon natural forces to optimize and balance energy within) through the attainment of deeply focused and relaxed states. Qigong therapy can promote circulation, physical function and relieve chronic pain.

Pang work as motion therapist. He is certified in Thai traditional massage, foot reflexology and sports massage. And he’s also Yoga and Qigong practitioner. He integrates the science of mind & body and applied in his qigong therapy program. He taught Qigong therapy to promote movement and pain relief to an elder at the Thais Health organization.


IMG_9353 web
Yin yoga and Energy healing
Restorative Yin yoga helps to stretch and relax the connective tissues around the muscles and open up the joints, focusing on pelvis, hips and spine. It helps to improve flexibility, calm the mind and reduce stress. It also can be a beneficial complement to a dynamic Vinyasa practice to create a balance for the mind, body and energy.

Chiharu uses meditative approach combining calming Yin yoga and energy work based on Reiki, which is Japanese healing technique utilizing life force energy. Chiharu studied with Sarah Powers, Sebastian and Murielle, and is a qualified Reiki and ThetaHealing practitioner.


Private Programs

IMG_9248 S
Adrian Cox

Private Yoga & NLP Coaching
Adrian has a keen eye and understanding of bodies, states of being, and language. Private sessions with Adrian are personalized according to what is important to you- whether that is achieving more advanced posture, deepening your knowledge of yoga, or therapy for improving alignment, weight loss, or managing pain.

Adrian Cox (E-RYT) is the founder and director of Yoga Elements. He has been teaching yoga since 1999 and practicing yoga for 25 years. Adrian is a licensed trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Hypnosis and teaches yoga workshops and trainings throughout the world.
Bookings a day in advance
(1 Time (90 min) : THB 2,000.- /5 Times 2 Month : 9,000.- /10 Times 4 Months : 18,000.-)


IMG_6604 ED S
Private Yoga & Prenatal
Tonia’s private classes are energetic, informative and keeps a strong emphasis on breath and essential alignment principles to prevent injuries. She has a sound knowledge of anatomy as it relates to asana and keeps a keen eye on movement patterns and energy flow in asana practice, adapting and modifying where necessary to cater for individual needs.

Being a mother of 2, Tonia understands and relates well to expectant mothers and in her pre-natal classes, she works closely together with to-be moms to prepare them for the arrival of their babies.

Tonia Cheng (E-RYT and RPYT) has been practicing yoga since 2004, is a certified Yoga Elements teacher, with 10 years and more than 3500 hours of teaching experience behind her. Tonia has a dedicated daily Ashtanga practice and travels annually to study in Mysore.


IMG_8103 ED ED S
Private Yoga & Prenatal
Hayeon teaches Hatha yoga, Restorative Therapy yoga, pre and post natal yoga, and Yin yoga. Build up your strength, improve flexibility or learn meditation for healing of the body and mind. Enjoy the great sensation of stillness, peace and deep relaxation. She welcomes students of all levels and different ages
(5 years to 75years).

Hayeon Song is a certified pre and post natal yoga teacher through JAI YOGA SEOUL 2013, a certified Yoga Elements teacher 2015 (RYT 200 Yoga Alliance) and a certified Yin Yoga Teacher through Sebastian Pucelle, WITH-YIN YOGA 2017.


IMG_7100 S
Private Yoga & Yin Yoga
Fook’s class is a mindfulness-based vinyasa and yin yoga practice. Her classes are gentle and well-balanced with emphasis on breathing and finding ease in the postures. She believes that yoga is a tool for restoring and improving health as well as providing a means of self-discovery and healing. She integrates her skills in yoga practice and Vipassana meditation to help deepen and encourage a strong internal body, mind and spirit awareness to the students.

Fook is a certified Yoga Elements Teacher (RYT 200 Yoga Alliance) and Yin Yoga Teacher. Her experience and learning have been positive influences in her life and she takes great pleasure in sharing her discovery with others.


IMG_9350 MS ED s

Private Yoga
クラスでは、個人の身体(姿勢)を見ながらアサナの中で安定を感じてもらえるように 呼吸と動きの繋げ方、アサナのアライメントで意識をするべき身体の箇所、アサナと心のつながりで知っておきたい事などを日本語で微細なニュアンスが伝わるように丁寧に指導しています

2005年バンコクヨガエレメンツ に出会いヨガプラクティスを始める。
2008年ヨガエレメンツTT終了。 指導とプラクティスをつづける


IMG_9698 S
Private Yoga
Eunha’s class aims to get clear self-awareness while building both strength and flexibility. She leads a student to feel body and mind with a conscious breathing. It’s time to meet a creative and easy way to approach advanced asanas while keeping essential alignments to prevent injuries.

Eunha fulfilled Vinyasa and pre-natal teacher training course in Bangkok and is registered for Yoga Alliance RYT-200 and RPYT. Her boundary of yoga experience expands to Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Iyengar, and Hatha since 2005.

Bookings a day in advance
• 1 Time (90 min) : THB 1,800.- /5 Times / Month : 8,000.- /10 Times -/ 4 Months : 15,000.-
• Prenatal 60 min : THB 1,500.-



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