A Challenging Practice, Accessible To Everyone

17, 18, 19, 20 Oct 2017
10:00 am – 12:30 pm


This 4 day course is meant for anyone who wants to intelligently move their yoga practice forward.  Regardless of your current level, this Intensive Course will impart the techniques that will show you how to knowledgeably approach yoga.  The Course will have you trying – and accomplishing – material that often appears to be difficult.  It will be hard work, but almost everyone who already practises yoga can do it.  Each day, the Intensive will start with the kind of class that Tripsichore has done daily for over 30 years – followed by a breakdown of the various components of the class.  Participants will learn how to do inversions, unusual balances, back bends and twists and, as well, they will gain a deep understanding of how and why sequences are constructed in a certain order.


The class focuses on challenging asanas and variations with an emphasis on breaking down Tripsichore’s technical approach to breathing, backbends, inverted work and Tripsichore Sun Salutes.   The technique used in our yoga practice focuses on the importance of uniting the mind and the body through the use of breath.  Our linking of unusual postures is innovative, but our methods are respectful of orthodox traditions.  In this Intensive, we will explain our techniques used to achieve some of the “spectacular” postures, which we believe to be the same approach as for some of the apparently “simple” postures.

While much of contemporary yoga is known for bringing flexibility and a degree of acrobatic athleticism into the realm of possibility for the “average” person, it is important to recognise that true mastery of a tricky posture involves considerable technical understanding.  For instance, it is one thing to kick up into a handstand against a wall and quite another to gracefully lift into the postures in the middle of the room and lower again with equanimity.  Tripsichore technique addresses this matter from of standpoint of both physical and mental control as well as endeavouring to put the nature of this control into a broad philosophical perspective.


Tripsichore contends that apart from competency and mastery, creating spectacular asanas has much to do with the energetic intention of the practitioner.  In this Intensive Course, Edward Clark (creator of Tripsichore) will expertly guide participants through the intricacies of Tripsichore’s technique.

Renowned for its physical difficulty, Tripsichore technique is also concerned with the intellectual reasons for attempting material that is physically demanding.  While Tripsichore is known for choreographically spectacular asanas, it is equally concerned with what the mind does to create these shapes.  The Tripsichore techniques require the full engagement of breath, mind, and body and because of this, there occurs a well-developed awareness of what the practitioner experiences in the present moment.

Tripsichore is, perhaps, the most cogently designed Vinyasa technique in the world.  Its practitioners learn to execute their yoga with an emphasis on ease and grace.  The Tripsichore technique is recognised for its use of the Sun Salute as a template for developing everything from handstands to kick overs…not done as an acrobat might, but with the mental presence of a contemplative yogi.

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